Meet the Team

Our Ministry Staff

Our Ministry Staff consists of those in officially recognised paid or volunteer leadership roles.
They have responsibility for the daily & weekly leading of the Church community & ministries, set & overseen by the Elders, & in partnership with the Deacons. Each role has their own individual scope of responsibilities but combined they have a shared responsibility for general day to day pastoral ministry of our community.

Rob Davey
Suzi Davey

Our Elders

Our Elders are those who spiritually & pastorally, lead & shepherd our Church Community, both ordained ministers & duly elected men. The New Testament gives us clear standards for Elders, or Overseer’s as they were also known at times.

Our Elders look after the spiritual leadership of the Church Family & Ministry Staff, congregational membership & discipline, meetings & ministry oversight, election & oversight of Deacons, teaching & training, Sunday worship & sacraments, & pastoral care (in partnership with Deacons)

Our Deacons

Within our Church Community are men & women who serve as Deacons (known denominationally as the Committee of Management). The Elders are also Ex Officio Deacons. In the book of 1 Timothy, Romans 16, & in other New Testament letters Deacon were appointed with responsibility for the pastoral, merciful, & resourcing of believers in the early church, serving alongside Elders.

Our Deacon’s are responsible for ministry resourcing (finances, buildings, practices & procedures), pastoral care (in partnership with Elders), & ministries of mercy.

Other Staff

Jo McClelland
Administrative Coordinator